Canvass for Compliance (CFC)'s Table of Contents (ToC) File

Your key to mapping anonymized analysis results back to your project’s files.

Table of Contents File

Canvass for Compliance (CFC), formerly known as LiAnORT, performs blind audits to protect your intellectual property (IP). To avoid sending the file/directory structure of your project to our servers, CFC generates substitute paths that perserve only the extension of the original files. While doing so, a Table of Contents (ToC) file is generated locally so that CFC can later map these substitutes back to your original filepaths.

It is important that you hold onto this file, as without it, CFC would not be able to map the results of your job back to your original files.

If run in command-line mode, the CFC client will store ToC files in the current working directory. If run interactively, the CFC client creates a hidden directory in your home directory named '.lianort' in which to store ToC files.

When get commands are run, CFC will check both the current working directory and .lianort directoy for the correct ToC file.