Canvass for Security (CFS) Command Reference

Documentation on the Canvass for Security client commands.

Running the Client

Canvass for Security (CFS) commands can be run in two ways:

  1. The command can be run from the command line.
  2. CanvassForSecurity scan /path/to/analyzer/result/file.yml
  3. The command can be run interactively after launching the CFS client.
  4. charlie@hokusai:~/Development$ ./CanvassForSecurity
    CanvassForSecurity version 2.0.0, Build 2
    Type "help" or "?" for help.
    Canvass For Security> scan /path/to/analyzer/result/file.yml


The scan command takes the path to the ORT analyze result as its argument.

CanvassForSecurity scan /path/to/analyzer/result/file.yml

ORT needs to perform its scan in the project’s operating, build, or testing environment, to properly ascertain your software’s dependencies and their correct version numbers.


The get command returns the status of a job. If a job ID isn't provided, then job_number is implicitly equal to the ID of the most recent job. Multiple job IDs can be supplied to the get command to retrieve the status of multiple jobs.

CanvassForSecurity get job_number

  • If get was called from the command line, then the results for that job will be downloaded automatically to the current directory.
  • If get was called in interactive mode, then you will be prompted to download the results to the current directory.


The list command prints your jobs from most recent to oldest, one page at a time.

  CanvassForSecurity> list

  NUM     STATUS          POSTED TIME             RUN TIME        USER
  25      Completed      2021-07-08 14:49:51     5.24 seconds
  24      Completed      2021-07-07 22:19:55     6.55 seconds
  23      Completed      2021-07-07 22:17:19     6.56 seconds
  22      Aborted         2021-07-07 22:15:34     N/A   
  21      Aborted         2021-07-07 21:41:52     N/A   
  20      Completed      2021-07-07 21:16:08     6.64 seconds
  19      Completed      2021-07-07 20:51:10     7.92 seconds
  18      Completed      2021-07-07 20:38:02     6.98 seconds
  17      Completed      2021-07-07 17:54:06     8.04 seconds
  16      Completed      2021-07-07 08:10:07     7.52 seconds
  15      Completed      2021-07-06 22:00:59     7.25 seconds
  14      Completed      2021-07-06 21:48:49     6.88 seconds
  13      Completed      2021-07-06 21:33:01     3.78 seconds
  12      Completed      2021-07-06 21:23:13     3.78 seconds
  11      Completed      2021-07-06 21:15:16     3.72 seconds
  10      Completed      2021-07-06 21:06:09     3.79 seconds
  Press 'Q' to quit, or another key to continue...


The abort command can terminate a job if its status is new, requeued, or processing. If a job ID isn't provided, then the most recent job will attempt to abort. Multiple job IDs can be supplied to abort to attempt to terminate the corresponding jobs.

Jobs can also be aborted from the Jobs Page.


The version command lists the version of the CFS client.

  ./CanvassForSecurity version
CanvassForSecurity version 2.0.0, Build 5


The credits command details the amount of credits left in your account's current billing cycle.

  ./CanvassForSecurity credits
You are a free tier user.
You have 89 jobs remaining this billing cycle.
Your billing cycle renews at: 2021-10-23 08:59:06


The help command lists the CFS client commands.

  ./CanvassForSecurity help

Documented commands (type help ):
abort  credits  download  get  help  list  quit  scan  version


The quit command exits interactive mode, if you are currently in it.