Install OSS Review Toolkit (ORT)

Set up ORT to help get more insight on your source code dependencies.

Install OSS Review Toolkit (ORT)

The OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) is required by Canvass for Security (CFS) and used by Canvass for Compliance (CFC) for detecting license information in your project’s dependencies. To ensure compatibility with Canvass Labs analysis tools, please use the prebuilt, supported ORT version available from our Download page.

After downloading and unzipping, you can use the ORT executable directly from the bin folder, or install it in your preferred location. Please note that ORT requires Java 11 to run.

Both CFS and CFC make use of the analyzer results file generated by ORT’s analyze command, which has the following syntax:

bin/ort analyze --input-dir your_input_dir --output-dir your_output_dir

For more information, see the official ORT analyzer documentation.